Affiliate Booster Review: Best WordPress Theme and Plugin Combo Pack for Affiliates

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Affiliate Booster Review

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Being an Affiliate Marketer requires you to show many features like the Pros & Cons of the product, Comparing different products, Creating Listicles for each product, etc.

Also, you require to highlight Affiliate Disclosure on top of the site, create a Table of Contents to make the post easily accessible, and much more.

You use different plugins to add these features, which not only makes your site slow but difficult to handle.

And if some problem arises you find difficulty in solving it due to many options.

Affiliate Booster solves all these and many more problems as it combines everything and makes itself a one-stop solution.

It is a combination of Theme and Plugin, with helps you in making your site attractive, fast, and user-friendly.

You get an all in one package.

As the matter of fact, it has been created by Kulwant Nagi, one of the best Affiliate Marketer in the world.

He has used his 7 years of Experience to make this awesome Theme and Plugin combo, to solve the problems and pain points of Affiliate Marketer.

So make your site attractive and fast by using the combo pack.

And, If you want more information to make a more informed decision, continue reading this review.

It will help you to know how it will work for your betterment.

Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin Review 2021

As you can see I am also using this theme. I am satisfied with this Theme & Plugin.

And if I am taking the advantage of this great theme, why shouldn’t you.

So I have written this review from my own experience.

This will help you in understanding whether it’s right for you or not.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get straight to the benefits which you will get after using the theme and plugin.

Also know about the Drawbacks of using it (everything has some flaw).

Benefits of Affiliate Booster

  • I am not tech-savvy or a graphic designer who knows many things about colors & what will look great. This theme is great for people like me. It has inherent functions build that gives my blog a great look, even without any customizations.
  • If you know about styling and are decisive, then this theme has you covered as well with many options at your disposal. You can take control by picking the best color & font combinations.
  • I am more excited about the plugin than the theme as it makes my work a lot easier. I no longer need heavy page builders to make my site attractive. I have the Affiliate Booster handling that department.
  • The Features & Customizations which you used to add by using different plugins like a Table of Contents, Author Bio (for Personal Branding), Similar Posts, etc. They have all the features built-in. No need to use different plugins for adding different features.
  • The founder of this theme is Kulwant Nagi who is doing blogging since 2012. He is also a well-known affiliate marketer. So he knows what are the pain points of Affiliate Marketer. This Theme and Plugin Combo pack was made to remove all pain points faced by Affiliates.
  • It has an ultra-fast loading speed (which is their main focus). This enhances the user experience.
  • The price is also affordable at only $36.75/yr for a single site and $59.75/yr for 50 sites.
  • Also, if you like any other theme then you can use only the plugin independently and make your site attractive.

A Secret of Affiliate Booster Theme

Like in other themes when you click the link of the theme (at bottom of page), it takes you directly to the theme homepage. This will also do the same. But the trick is you can change the link and put in your affiliate link in place of the original link. This way if people buy after clicking it, you will get an affiliate commission for referring people.

Drawbacks of Affiliate Booster

  • There is no instant customer support. You have to raise a support ticket. But to tackle it, they have a telegram group where fellow members are present. Here your doubts and problem related to the Theme and Plugin are solved (and sometimes of Affiliate Marketing as well).
  • The theme is also not AMP Compatible. So if you are a fan of AMP, then you need to find a way to solve the problem which arises.

Features of Affiliate Booster

There are many features that Affiliate Booster provides. This makes your site attractive, easy to use and conversion-optimized. Here I have highlighted a few of my favourite one’s.


Affiliate Booster Theme Layout
  • A schema optimized Affiliate marketing WordPress Theme giving a superpower to your affiliate blogs
  • Take full control by picking the best color & font combinations.
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible & Mobile Responsive
  • Ultra-Fast loading & Easy Customization
  • Flexible Post, Page & Archive layouts
  • 6 Stunning Header Layouts
  • 12 Homepage Layouts
  • 5 Flexible Single Page Designs
  • Full Typography & Color control and Elementor Compatible
  • 4 Menu Options for smooth navigation of readers. Namely above header menu, primary menu, secondary menu & footer menu.
  • Add Affiliate Disclaimer above title, below the title, or below content area (by choice)


Affiliate Booster Plugin Representation
  • Single Product Block to highlight the important benefits as one place. This plays a significant role when you are highlighting the best deals for your readers. Like what most Affiliates do during Black Friday or AppSumo Deals.
  • Use the Pros & Cons block to highlight and summarize what you liked about the product and what you didn’t
  • Comparison Block for comparing different products with each other and make the selection process easy
  • Notice Block for highlighting important points for the readers
  • Use Top-Picked Block to display the best of the listed items according to your analysis
  • Star Rating Block to give ratings to the product so that reader can pick the best suited
  • A built-in Table of Contents for enhancing user experience by letting them scroll to the topic they want to know about
  • Use Dynamics Block to create any kind of block (according to your liking) by combining different blocks to make the representation more attractive.
  • Other Blocks like Progress Bar Block, Coupons Block, List Items, etc which when combined with other blocks will have a massive impact.

These are just some of the features of Theme & Plugin.

There are many more options available like Author Bio Control, Scroll to Top, Sticky Header, Featured Image Control, Call-To-Action block, Notification Block, Good- Bad Blocks, etc.

You will be able to figure it out easily after using the theme and plugin.

All in all, the Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin combo pack is awesome for optimizing your blog and giving an excellent User experience to people.

Free Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin

Affiliate Booster has recently released a Free Theme and Plugin as well. But you won’t be able to get all the features with it.

Features of Free Version of Theme

  • 100% Schema Optimised
  • Fast Loading
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • 3 Header Designs
  • 2 Homepage Designs
  • Typography & Colour Control
  • 100% Responsive
  • Elementor Compatible

Features of Free Version of Plugin

  • AB Single Product Block
  • AB Pros & Cons Block
  • AB Notice Block
  • AB Notification Block
  • AB Button
  • AB Star Rating

As you can see there are limited features with the Free versions. But that happens with every theme and plugin. You can definitely try them as it will help you in optimizing your blog as well. You can also get them individually too.

Pricing of Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin

Now that you are aware of the Affiliate Booster Theme’s Benefits, Drawbacks, and Features, you know that this theme is definitely worth your investment.

It will make your site good looking and your life easier.

The icing on the cake is its pricing.

Annual Plan of “Affiliate Booster Theme + Plugin”

Affiliate Booster Annual Plan

As you can see from the above images, the Theme+Plugin combination is very much affordable and is an excellent choice for Affiliate Marketers as well as for Bloggers.

You can also buy only the Theme or Plugin as per you need.

The plugin costs $29.25/year for a single site, $36.75/year for 50 sites, and $74.25/year for Unlimited Sites.

The theme costs $21.75/year for a single site, $29.25/year for 50 sites, and $59.25/year for Unlimited Sites.

So what are you waiting for? Go & Get Affiliate Booster (before the price again goes up).

Affiliate Booster Theme
(Final Verdict)

Affiliate Booster Theme with Plugin is a one-stop solution for Affiliate Marketers. You will get almost every feature that you need as an affiliate and can expect from Theme & Plugin.

From Attractive Buttons, Comparing Blocks to small but essential things like Affiliate Disclosure, Table of Contents, Similar posts, you get all. Although this theme is best used by Affiliates, you can use it otherwise too.


  • 100% Schema Optimized
  • Ultra-Fast loading page speed
  • 15 Customer Optimised Gutenberg Blocks to skyrocket conversions
  • Very Easy Customization
  • Flexible Options for Homepage, Single Page & Archive Layouts
  • 100% Mobile Responsive


  • No instant Customer Support
  • It is not AMP Compatible

I am personally using the Theme & Plugin as you can see. From my experience, I can say, although this theme is new, it is definitely worth your investment even if you are beginning your online career.

So, Don’t wait longer for making your site attractive and fast. Grab the Theme and Plugin Combo pack NOW.

FAQs about Affiliate Booster

Here you will find few of the most common question people ask about Affiliate Booster.

Do I need to use Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin together?

No, It is not necessary to use both Theme and Plugin together. Both are different product, hence will work Independently. Plugin can be used for high converting blocks to make your articles attractive and Flexible Theme to offer fast blazing performance.

Does Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin have a Free version?

Yes, Affiliate Booster is a Freemium Tool. Both Theme and Plugin have a Free version with limited features, which you can definitely try to get a first-hand experience. And a Full-Fledged Premium version which is very handy for any Affiliate Marketer.

How Can Affiliate Booster help in Boosting Sales?

Both the Theme and Plugin have been specially designed for Affiliates. This will make your blog posts look more professional. Hence you will see more clicks and thus more Sales.

Can I Buy Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin Independently?

Yes, you can buy the Theme and Plugin Independently. Both are different products. Hence you can only the Plugin or Theme according to your need. The Plugin is $36.75/year and the Theme is $29.25/year for 50 sites license.

Difference between Affiliate Booster and Elementor?

Both are completely different products. Affiliate Booster is Theme & Plugin for Gutenberg Blocks whereas Elementor is a page builder. You can create blocks created in AB Plugin from Elementor, but it will take a lot of time and also slow your site.

Can Affiliate Booster Plugin be used with Classic Editor?

No, Affiliate Booster Plugin can only be used with Gutenberg Editor, also known as Block Editor in WordPress.

Can Affiliate Booster be used on platforms other than WordPress?

No, Affiliate Booster cannot be used on other platforms like Blogger, Wix, Squarespace, or other website builders. It can only be used on WordPress.

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