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Want to get your hands on the Best Appsumo Lifetime Deals for Digital Marketers? Then you’ve come to the right place.

AppSumo has brought us amazing deals on incredibly useful business tools.

You will find Lifetime deals, Annual deals, Subscription deals, and even freebies. All in all, you will get awesome tools at a very low and reasonable price.

Here we are only showing you the best Appsumo Lifetime Deals according to our research. If you want to get your hands on the other deals as well, you can do so on the AppSumo Website.

You should know one thing about AppSumo (if you’ve never heard about them before): It offers weekly deals on the best tools for creating, growing, and scaling your online business.

Many of them are Lifetime Deals which means pay once and enjoy the fruit for the rest of your life. You will never have to pay full for business tools again.

In this post, you’ll find the 11 Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for Digital Marketers in January 2021.

Just remember some of these deals have been live on their site for over a month. Thus it can get sold out soon. So be sure to grab them while you can. 

Also, I urge you to bookmark this page to get frequent updates on new deals. We’ll update the new deals as and when we hear about them.

AppSumo Lifetime Deals Summary

ImageProductLifetime Price

HashtagsforLikesSocial Media, Marketing

  • Get tons of followers and fans on social media by attracting a lot of eyes with help of instant high-performing hashtag suggestions
$59Read Our Review

PixeliedDesign, Stock Photos

  • Create scroll-stopping graphics with a full-featured design suite that’s easy for anyone to use
$49Read Our Review

SendFoxLead Generation, Marketing

  • Automatically send customized emails to your subscribers, followers, and fans with an easy-to-use inexpensive tool
$49Read Our Review

InVideoVideo, Marketing

  • A cutting-edge tool that makes professional videos in minutes with help of pre-made templates
$49Read Our Review

Hey OliverLead Generation, Data & Analytics

  • Engage visitors and convert leads with customized, automated marketing campaigns and personalized messages
$49Read Our Review

KingSumoLead Generation, Sales

  • Generate tons of leads for your business or brand with viral giveaways
$49Read Our Review

BoostLead Generation, Marketing

  • Grow your email list by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links
$49Read Our Review

EpicPxlsDesign, Web Development

  • Create beautiful websites and landing pages with customizable templates
$39Read Our Review


HashtagsforLikes AppSumo Lifetime Deal

With the growing competition, the organic reach for platforms is almost dead. But with whatever is left, you need to use the right tags and hashtags to reach a relevant audience. And searching for this can be very time-consuming. So to tackle this, you can use a tool called HashtagsforLikes.

It is a powerful suite of tools that combines analytics with hashtags and helps you build your social media following organically. It lets you search for competitors, influencers, and hashtags that you want to target. It helps you find more compatible tags for your posts and profile in no time.

This way you can focus on producing good quality content, and not worry about it reaching your target audience. Let your hashtags bring in the followers.

No more wasting time researching hashtags on your own and using irrelevant tags that hardly get noticed. Stop playing the guessing game and get tons of eyeballs by using relevant hashtags.

AppSumo Lifetime Deal Price: $59 ($1068)


Pixelied AppSumo Lifetime Deal

When it comes to design, you want to stand out. But for a regular Digital Marketer who doesn’t have good knowledge about photoshop, it’s difficult to do it. If you have, then also it’s time taking.

But with growing competition, you are expected to do it so that you can have an impact on people’s minds. Now the alternative is to hire a graphic designer, which is by the way is very expensive. But now, Pixelied is a solution to your problem.

The alternative to software like Canva, PicMonkey & Venngage, Pixelied is a feature-rich design tool offering an extensive library of templates, photos, illustrations, color palettes, etc.

It helps you create professional designs in just minutes with a drag-and-drop, point-and-click functionality. You shall not have any experience in designing. You should know which stunning image to choose and your design will be ready.

AppSumo Lifetime Deal Price: $49 ($480)


SendFox AppSumo Lifetime Deal

You’ve created great content for your Blog, YouTube channel, or Podcast and have gained tons of following. But now what? How can you turn your followers and subscribers into customers and keep them up-to-date on exciting news and projects?

You can do all this with an email marketing tool. But these are frankly speaking is expensive, especially if you are just starting. Thus to solve this issue and give you somewhat the same experience, you have SendFox.

SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails. With this, you can create, schedule, and automate unlimited customized emails, without breaking the bank.

Just to make it clear, SendFox is not AWeber, Mailchimp, Convertkit, etc email marketing tool. You will and will not have a 100% feature. But just the basic and the necessary features of built-in forms and CRM to email campaigns and integrations.

From my personal experience, I will say SendFox is best for newbies with up to people who have about 10,000 people on their email list and for people who don’t require many segmentations to differ their audience.

AppSumo Lifetime Deal Price: $49 ($249)


InVideo AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Want to create stunning professional-level videos in minutes with help of pre-made templates? Then access InVideo’s media library. It is filled with millions of beautiful images, videos, and music.

By the way, InVideo is a simple, scalable video creation platform with templates that help you make engaging videos in minutes. It lets you fast-forward through the tedious video editing process with pre-made templates adapted for any kind of video.

With InVideo, you get hundreds of templates, pre-made design elements, an extensive media library, advanced editing features, and the flexibility to make your videos your way. You can trim clips, crop frames, loop video, and do tons of different things with additional Advanced Editing options.

Not everyone can be an astronaut, an Oscar-winning director, or an athletic Footballer. But with InVideo, anyone can build beautiful professional-quality videos in no time. Become that anyone and build awesome professional videos.

AppSumo Lifetime Deal Price: $49 ($600)

Hey Oliver

Hey Oliver AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Want to engage with every visitor and convert them to lead with customized, automated marketing campaigns and personalized messages? Hey Oliver is a tool for you.

Hey Oliver is marketing automation software that works with your website to build customized campaigns, track engagement, and convert them into leads. Also, it helps you to boost sales with hyper-personalized and automated marketing campaigns in real-time.

You can track each visitor by logging their demographics, page views, referrals, clicks, events, and more. Each time someone visits your website, their activity is logged and can be seen in your marketing dashboard.

You can engage with visitors, build relationships, and offer first-class customer service with integrated live chat and support widgets. They will feel like they are talking to a real person. Thus create customized campaigns, track metrics, and drive conversions all at the same time.

AppSumo Lifetime Deal Price: $49 ($2640)


KingSumo AppSumo Lifetime Deal

As an entrepreneur or brand owner, you spend a ridiculous amount of money on marketing and advertising. You need a budget for online ads. You need to hire a team for sales outreach. All these to generate more leads, prospects, and customers.

You can do all this at a fraction of the cost and time, with help of KingSumo. It is a platform that helps you create viral giveaways to grow your audience and get more leads quickly and effectively.

In minutes your first giveaway will be ready with help of an easy-to-use editor. Just write a little about your giveaway and pick the number of winners with the product you want to give them.

You can give your own product, products from partners, physical and virtual goods, anything of your choice. Thus getting leads at a fraction of the cost of Facebook Ads, Instagram influencers, and other marketing channels.

AppSumo Lifetime Deal Price: $49 ($228)


Boost AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Being a Digital Marketer you want to make everything simple for your audience. Now you can do that in growing your email list too. With one click you will have your lead.

Boost is a unique email list building tool that uses social network APIs to quickly create opt-in links so you can generate more leads.

This way you will create a seamless opt-in experience to boost conversion rates. Also, you can share opt-in links anywhere online and offline too, with QR codes.

You require no coding or tedious setup to grow your email list. Also, you need not worry about fake email addresses and loose money. You will have verified email addresses with social media APIs and easy-to-create opt-in links that you can share anywhere.

AppSumo Lifetime Deal Price: $49 ($1190)


EpicPxls AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Want to create beautiful websites and landing pages with customizable templates without breaking the budget or hiring a specialist? Definitely, you do. We all want a beautiful website. EpicPxls is a tool that will help you in this aspect.

EpicPxls is a carefully curated, online portfolio of design resources that helps you ship projects faster. It has beautifully designed, customizable website templates, UI kits, and fonts.

It is best for a newbie who doesn’t have any idea about designs but still wants to create beautiful websites, apps & landing pages. Streamline web design with professional templates, fonts, and graphics.

Get your hand on this now and start creating awesome looking designs.

AppSumo Lifetime Deal Price: $39 ($264)


So that’s it. These are my top picks for Appsumo Lifetime Deals for Digital Marketers in January 2021. Now why waste time, go grab these awesome deals before it gets over.

Also, these are just a few lifetime deals. There are many other deals which are waiting for you. Go & Grab them on the AppSumo website.

Remember it’s not the tools that will help you succeed but it’s your Skillset and Mindset that will make a difference. But the best Toolset will definitely make the process a lot easier and make your path as smooth as possible.

Do tell me which deal you like the most? Also if there is any other deal that I might have missed and you like, I will love to add it to my arsenal and give you a better experience.