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There are a lot of posts on blog post ideas around the internet, where people are telling you what should you write so that people will love to revisit your blog again and again.

This post is no different.

The only thing which makes it unique is that you won’t find a lot of ideas here to confuse you. You will only find 21+ blog post ideas. These are ideas that you can almost apply instantly and is very powerful.

This is created so that you don’t get confused and take action quickly. Because at this end this is what matters the most.

Too many ideas are also a reason for confusion and hence writer’s block. And I am here to make your work easier and not confuse you with floods of ideas.

After reading this post you won’t have the excuse of Not knowing which type of content should you write.

So sit back and read the complete post to gain insights. You will also find examples from which you can take inspiration to write your next post.

1. Books that people should read

Read Some Good Books

Life is all about learning. If you have to become successful you must become a lifelong learner. And till the time learning is there, books will always be our go-to source.

You can tell the readers about your favorite books in the field that can help them learn and master a skill.

While mentioning the book, tell them your biggest learning from it. This will give them a reason to read it.

2. FAQs Post

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is always something that everyone is asking in your field. You can create a post answering all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) relating to your niche or a particular topic.

Figure it out & answer them.

The reader will encourage it as you are answering the questions which they have in their mind. 

3. Monthly Roundup Posts

You can curate a monthly blogpost that will summarise every post you have read (and liked) in that month. This will help the reader to know about them and gain more knowledge.

You might be afraid that you can distract your reader or let them move away from your website. They are anyway going to do that. So why not help them figuring what’s going on and which posts they should definitely read.

It may not be only related to your field. It can be from anywhere as long as it is useful for them. They will be happy to see that you are guiding them and care about their time. Thus trying to give the best support you can without worrying about competition.

Pro tip– After you have included people blog posts in your posts. Email them & tell them that you liked their post so much that you have linked to them. And ask them to share your post.

They will be happy to do it as they get backlinks, plus an opportunity to get to a newer audience. This will also help you reach a larger audience & many people will know about you. Plus it will build a relationship with those bloggers. 

4. Top Influencers In Your Niche

There must be many great influencers in your field that you are learning from and who are helping other people.

Make a post mentioning them and how they are helping people. This will help your audience understand that you definitely care for them & are not afraid of competition.

Rest be assured that they will leave you. They might learn from others & you should be happy that they are doing it, but they won’t leave as you are empathetic to them. Plus there will a sense of reciprocity as you have helped them in some manner.

Also, people love to learn from many sources.

And however competitive the world is, there is always a set of people that will want to learn from you.

After writing the post, email the influencers. Tell them that you have mentioned them in your post and have also linked to their website. They will be happy to share the post. 

5. Highlight the Common Mistakes People Make in your Niche

Avoid Mistakes

Mistakes are something that we all want to avoid. If we make some mistakes, we will feel ashamed of facing people. And most importantly will fall from our own eyes. Thus we are scared of making any type of mistake.

Although it’s a good thing to make mistakes as we will learn a lot from it. But this is what it is.

So you can highlight the mistakes which you have observed people making. And tell them methods of how they can avoid and overcome it.

It will help you to grow your following as you are helping people to avoid something they are afraid of.

6. List posts with tips on topics in your niche

People want to improve themselves at every stage of their life. They seek advice before taking any decision.

Write a blog post giving them tips on how they can do something better or strategies to follow.

You can also create a post highlighting 10 things you wished you knew before starting that would’ve helped you to do things better and grow faster.

People will love it as you are giving them more than what you received before starting your journey.

7. Beginners Guide

The toughest thing to do is to start a new thing. People face a lot of resistance in doing it. They are unclear how they should start or is afraid to start. Write a blog post handling it.

People seek help in every situation of their life, especially at the beginning. Become that person.

If you do a good job, you will get a fan for the rest of your life. They will be forever thankful that you guided them in the right direction.  

If others have already written about it, don’t worry. You can still write about it based on your experience and perspective. In the end, perspective is what matters the most.

Check out this post on The Beginners Guide on Online Marketing written in Quicksprout. You may not go this deep in the topic, but you should definitely write the essentials.

8. Myth Busters

Myths are everywhere. Every niche has it. This is misguiding freshers and leading them in the wrong directions.

Bust the myths around your topic by telling the facts. Also, tell them how the myths are harmful to them.

This will help you gain trust & people will listen to you as you are saving their time and money.

9. Give a Solution to the Problem your target audience is facing

Problem Analysis Solution

Everyone faces some problems in their journey.

Make a list of problems your audience is facing and solve them. People expect this type of content from you.

This will also help you to establish yourself as an expert and help your audience to trust you. And will help you to get more conversions.

Just keep in mind that in one post you must address just one problem not many. So that you can go deep into that topic and solve their problem completely. With this, your audience will also not be confused about the next steps.

Check out the blog post where I have tackled the problem people face while writing their about us page.

10. Interview An Expert

This is probably the fastest way to develop authority and credibility among the reader.

Interview an expert in your field. Ask them about their journey, their learnings, their challenges and how they overcame them, etc. Record these interviews for youtube videos and Audio files for podcasts. You can also write a blog post about it.

This way you will be on every platform and multiply your traffic. Every expert loves to be interviewed. This way they can reach a newer set of audiences.

Since you will be starting, you might have to approach many experts to get one. But don’t shy away from hard work. It is definitely worth but. You will learn a lot and will also develop a repo with experts which will be handy in the future.

11. Write a Review Post about a Product

Review a product

With a growing technology, there is a product for everything that makes your life easier. Your target audience is also looking for one.

Write a review of the product that your reader should use or is using.

People love to shop but are afraid of whether their choice is good or not. So they seek other perspectives on that product. Become that person and write a genuine review of the product.

You can also monetize it by using affiliate marketing. But show empathy and care about the reader, not the product. This will help you in building your credibility and people will trust you.

You can take inspiration from this review written by me (a little bit of self-promotion) where I have reviewed the Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin Combo pack.

12. Ultimate Guide Posts (A-Z Post)

Make a one-stop solution guide on a topic that people could refer to time and again.

Look at this post from Sanjay Shenoy where he has written in-depth content about SEO.

Or you can also write a post of 26 tips/lists using the “A to Z”  format. Like I can write on Digital Marketing topics like “A- Authority”, “B-Blogging”, “C-Content Marketing” “D-Domain”, etc.

You can do the same in any niche or industry. This way you can show your knowledge and creativity.

You can also convert it into an Ebook to give as a lead magnet for your mailing list.

13. A Cheat Sheet Post

There is a lot of information around. Although people love to read them they also want something very specific on which they can act without reading lengthy posts. 

These are also highly helpful to attract busy people who don’t want to go through 2500 word post to come up with a couple of pointers they can use. This type of posts also saves time and is very helpful, so you will be able to attract a lot of shares as well.

So, write a cheat sheet post on a topic explaining each point in a crisp format. You can also convert the same into a PDF, offer it to grow your list. Like Patt Flynn did with his Email Marketing guide.

14. Top Takeaway post

You might be working on a project or have attended a new conference. You can curate a post describing it and how it helped you.

Share your learnings, experiences,s and how attending conferences can impact people’s life. This will also help people know that you are upgrading yourself regularly.

Plus most of your readers or audience don’t have the opportunity to do what you have done. Your takeaways will make them feel that they have also attended the course or conference.

15. Case Study Posts

Write a detailed post discussing how other people achieved something or how a person’s life can change after using a particular product.

But it is not just a testimonial where you are motivating & encouraging people to use the product by telling their importance.

Your post should be backed by solid data so that people can believe you. Highlight how they overcome the problem and excelled.

Write the whole process in detail. Like Backlinko did in this post where he describes how he increased his Search Engine Traffic by 110% in 14 days.

16. Result Posts (How you achieve Something)

Results Post Matter

You are blogging or running a marketing campaign for a long time. You have seen many ups & downs. Share our own experience with people and how you achieved results.

What problems you face and how you overcame it. It kind of case study only but with your experience so you will be able to get more personal.

The reader will also know that you’re methods actually work and they are not just theoretical knowledge.

This will create a bond and will keep transparency between you and your audience. Plus the reader will feel motivated to take relevant actions.

17. Infographic Posts

Multimedia plays a very important role in your marketing success. It enhances your message & makes your posts attractive.

Be it Images, Videos, Gifs, etc everything has its own role. Infographic is also one of them.

You can create an Infographic post on a topic & embed the code so that others can use it in their post (giving you backlinks).

This will help the readers to skim through it & learn in a short interval of time. It is also a shareable material. So you can directly share it on Pinterest and other social media channels.

18. Tools Posts (Listicles)

Whatever be your industry, there is a tool for almost everything like SEMrush for Keyword Research, Affiliate Booster as a Theme, Grammarly for Checking grammatical errors, etc.

Share them with your readers as they might be unaware of it. This will make their work easier and will increase their efficiency.

19. Expert Roundup Posts

You can talk to many experts at one go and ask a particular question related to a particular topic like What will they do if tomorrow they have to begin from scratch again.

Then share the information with your audience in form of videos, podcasts, blog posts, etc. The readers will love this as they will get a clear step by step blueprint to follow.

This will help you in building a lot of credibility and trust on different channels (hence more audience). Plus will allow you to form a collaboration with industry experts and build a long-lasting relationship. 

20. Comparison Posts

Comparison posts

You can create a comparison post where you can compare any two tools, platforms, topics, etc. Example: Ahrefs vs SEMrush, Content writing vs Copywriting or Teachable vs Podia.

It will guide people to know their similarities & differences and help them in clearing their doubts. It will also help them in making an informed buying decision.

21. Show & Tell Posts

You can share your experience on some topics and ask others to do it. This is a kind of bonding opportunity with your readers.

You might not be able to do it in your blog post but definitely with other channels like Linkedin, Facebook, etc. It will help you create a bond with the audience and know them better. This is what quora do.

Let the audience feel free to express the views on a particular topic. 


22. Research Driven Posts

People don’t love stats and logic for buying something. But it definitely helps to build authority and credibility.

You can create a research post where you are highlighting something which is trending or some results which most people are unaware of. This will also help you get more backlinks overtime.

For inspiration see this post by Brian Dean where he analyzed 912 million posts. You don’t have to do something on such a large scale but do learn from it.

23. Pillar & Cluster Posts

It is a combination of posts put together in which you go really deep on a topic and cover everything about the topic. It’s like a written course.

You are internal linking the posts to each other and guiding people on what to do next. Internal linking will also help you to improve your On-page SEO score. Plus you will develop a lot of Authority.

Your readers will love it as they are knowing about the topic and you are also guiding them about their next action steps in mastering the skill.

You can also give it in form of a pdf or a 100-day email course, where you will send each day a valuable lesson.

Check out this guide where Patt Flynn is going deep on Affiliate Marketing. You can draw inspiration from it and make something similar for your audience.

24. Seasonal Deals Posts

People are always looking for deals so that they can get something at less price. You can create a post highlighting them.

This is what many do at the time of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This helps them gain more affiliate commissions and the readers get their hands on the best tools at less price.


This is your guide for writing posts. Now you don’t have to worry about what should you write about or which type of blog post should you write for your readers.

Use these ideas consistently and make your readers fall in love with your content. It will not only help the readers but also help you earn money to run your blog smoothly.

So which of these blog post ideas are you going to try next? And what types of blog posts you want from me? Tell me in the comments.