Greengeeks Hosting Review [2021]: A Fast “Eco-Friendly” Green Webhosting

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Greengeeks Webhosting Review

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The hosting provider is the backbone of your online business. It is the base of your online presence, which helps you to spread your voice worldwide.

This helps you to connect and leave a mark on the world. It is one of the most essential elements for your online success.

At the start of my online career, I was told to buy Hosting so that I can write a blog and increase my presence online.

Being a newbie, I also wanted to start with a bang. So choosing a great hosting was a must. I started looking for one.

I read blogs, reviews(like you are reading one), asked friends, and somehow landed at Greengeeks. From the moment I started using it, I was not disappointed.

Therefore I have written this review (based on my personal experience) to remove your confusion and help you determine why Greengeeks hosting is definitely worth a shot for you.

Why is GreenGeeks Hosting Best For You?

Being a newbie blogger, you want the best hosting around and it should be cheap too. GreenGeeks is a perfect hosting for you in this respect as it provides top-notch services at an affordable price.

It also helps to set up your blog easily and provides step by step assistance in your blogging career.

When you face any kind of problem, be it a problem while logging to your dashboard or updating your PHP version, anything. You won’t have to look beyond Greengeeks chat support for a solution. Within minutes your problem will be solved.

Apart from being efficient, it is environment friendly (300% Green Webhosting). It buys 3 times Renewable Energy Credits to offset carbon output by servers and uses it in the grid. This way they match the energy consumption as well as 2 other companies of their size.

Some of their features which attracts me are:

  • Free SSL certificate to make your site secure
  • Free Nightly Backup
  • Free CDN to reduce the loading time of the site
  • 99.9% Uptime guaranteed
  • Unlimited Webspace & Data transfer on each plan
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Migration from the old server
  • Free Cpanel & Softaculous for easily managing your site
  • 24/7/365 Excellent Customer support with a live chat facility

There are many more features. All in all, this is a perfect hosting platform for you at a great price.

Which Webhosting Option Should You Choose?

Greengeeks hosting options

WordPress Hosting: If you are a blogger then go for WordPress Hosting.

VPS Hosting: It is the right choice for developers & webmasters. It is mostly used by a technically inclined user who wants more flexibility to install their own software & configure their own setting.

Reseller Hosting: It is used by a person who uses the resources of parent Webhosting & sells in on their own.

Note: From here on I will be guiding you through the WordPress Hosting option. The buying process of the other options is somewhat similar.

How To Buy GreenGeeks Hosting?

Now when you have decided to buy GreenGeeks hosting, here are the steps to grab it. Go to Greengeeks & click on the See Our Plans option.

Greengeeks webhosting plans

Here you can select from these 3 plans:

  1. Lite Hosting: Light Hosting is good if you are planning to start only one blog. It will cost you 59.4$ a year.
  2. Pro Hosting: Pro Hosting gives you the option to host unlimited websites with 2X Performance. It will cost you 95.4$ a year.
  3. Premium Hosting: This plan is best for very busy websites. It comes with Free Dedicated IP for your website. It will cost you 167.40$ a year.

I recommend buying the Pro Hosting plan as it gives you more flexibility with the unlimited website option.

Setup your domain

Next, you will ask about your Domain name. If you want to leverage the Free Domain Name facility for 1st year, choose to create a new Domain Name option. Otherwise, select the other option.

Note: In my opinion, you should register your domain name from different websites like GoDaddy or Namecheap as it will give you more freedom & flexibility. Plus you are not dependent on only one company.

Then on next page fill out your necessary details like Name, email address, Street address etc.

After that Choose the Account Plan as below.

Select your Account plan

By default, it will be set at the Triennially option. You can select that only or choose any other option as per your choice. I will recommend you to choose the Annually plan as it will give you the option to change to your hosting (if not satisfied after a year) & will also not charge you an extra setup fee (as in the monthly payment option).

Next Choose the Server location. You can choose any option as it hardly matters.

Choose the server location

Then enter your payment details & other info.

And DONE!!

GreenGeeks Hosting
(Final Verdict)

Greengeeks hosting

GreenGeeks is for me a great web hosting platform for a newbie as it satisfies both the requirements of being affordable & best. It is Fast, Very Secure & Environment Friendly with an excellent support system. I am a user of this hosting & I can definitely say this is one of the best servers out there.


  • Excellent Support System
  • Packed with Features
  • Environment Friendly
  • Fast & Advance Secure


  • 15$ Setup Fee for Monthly Billing
  • Phone Support isn’t 24/7

Now if you are a serious blogger & want to grow exponentially, then this web hosting is definitely for you as it will make your life a lot easier.

FAQs about Greengeeks Hosting

Is GreenGeeks Hosting Good?

Yes, GreenGeeks hosting is very good if you are a newbie or an experienced Marketer (if you are tight on budget and not able to afford WPX Hosting). It is Fast, Eco-Friendly with Excellent Customer Support, and Highly Secure. Also, gives 99.9% Uptime guarantee with Nightly Backup.

How is GreenGeeks “300% Green”?

GreenGeeks buys 3 times Renewable Energy Credits to offset carbon output by servers and uses it in the grid. This way they match their own energy consumption as well as 2 other companies of their size.

Does GreenGeeks offer a Free Domain in the Shared Hosting plan?

Yes, GreenGeeks offers Free Domain for a year in all of Shared Hosting Plans. However, if you use that luxury but after that ask for a refund in 30days then you will be charged for the Domain name and that money (which is used for registering a Domain name) won’t be returned.

How Secure is GreenGeeks Webhosting?

GreenGeeks is a highly secure Webhosting provider. Not only for your website but also during payment. They check for Frauds while registering by calling you or asking to confirm a few bank details. This sometimes causes frustration as an Individual, but it’s definitely worth it for your Security.

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