9 Copywriting Strategies That You Should Definitely Follow

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Copywriting Strategies That You Should Definitely Follow

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Good copy that convert comes down to understanding how to trigger the right psychological emotion that will induce a prospect to buy from you.

You need to be able to write copy that connects with your audience and clearly communicates your message.

Your copy has a very focused purpose—to motivate your prospects to exchange their hard-earned money for your product or service.

And everything you do or write must lead to this one goal.

The copywriting strategies I am about to tell you will help you in achieving just that.

It will help you to place your product in a much better place.

You will definitely be able to earn more sales. Plus it will also help you in establishing credibility and authority in the market.

So without wasting much of time, let’s get straight to the proven copywriting strategies which are going to help you write a persuasive copy.

Know About Your Product And Prospect

To write an effective copy you need to know everything about your product. You must be an expert of the product or service which you are about to sell.

If you are the owner or manufacturer of the product, you have a great advantage as you already know everything about the product.

But if you are a copywriter who has been hired to write a copy, you must know about the highs and lows of the product.

You must know about its feature and benefits.

All these specific knowledge is necessary to communicate the real nature of the product to the prospect (your target customer).

Since there will be many products like yours in the market. So to differentiate you from your competitors you must know what makes your product unique and what are you offering to your customer that they buy from you not from others.

Deeply knowing about your product will help you in doing this respect.

It is one thing to know about your product and completely different to know your prospect.

It’s great to be fully aware of the product.

But knowing your prospect is more important. You must know whom you want to sell your product.

I have heard many people saying that they want to sell their products to everyone.

Well, this is a dream as it’s not possible in real life. Even companies like Apple have specific target customers.

Everyone is different. So are their needs and wants.

So how could their products and services be the same? You must know whose problem your product is solving. Then create content that will attract them only.

If you are trying to talk to everybody, then you are reaching nobody.

It is this small strategy that creates a dramatic difference between the copy which will succeed and others that won’t.

Talk To Customers And Ask Questions

By now you know that knowing your audience is extremely important.

So when clients approach you to write for them, the very first thing you should do is get the contact number of of their existing customers.

Then you should talk to the consumers and ask questions related to the product and the company.

Ask customers questions like why did they buy the product from your client’s company? What separated the company from others? What did they like about the product?

Or if this is the first product of your client and they don’t have any customers, you can ask people from your target audience about their pain points and their wants.

What really are they struggling from? What do they want to achieve in their life? What are their fears and desires?

By asking questions from the consumers you are removing the guesswork and doing actual research.

You can also try answerthepublic to know the questions people search for your product.

Many clients aren’t aware of the exact reason why the customers buy from them. They don’t know the true feelings of their customers. By doing this you will be helping your clients.

The customer might tell you about why they love their service, their brand. They would go on and on, giving you valuable feedback.

Then, when you write your copy, you should include your findings. This will help you in placing your product in a better way.

And if your product can give what they want, you will get what you want i.e sale.

Also, many copywriters don’t go through this process. So this will help you in standing out from the crowd, thus attracting more clients.

Write A Magnetic Headline

When you go on a date with someone, what’s the first thing you look at?

You look at their dressing sense, right? You look at how attractive they are.

If their first impression is bad will you be interested further? Will you be tempted to give them a second chance?


It will highly impact your judgment. You may not be attracted to them anymore. Same is the case with your copy.

Headline is like the dressing sense. Its the first thing your customer looks at.

And if the first impression isn’t binding enough, your audience won’t look any further and will move away.

Headline highly impacts your copy.

You must write a magnetic headline so that your consumer gets glued to your copy.

If the headline is weak, your copy will never get read. And all your efforts will be wasted.

On an average 8 out of 10 people read the headline. But only 2 of 10 actually read into the rest.

For example, look at the Famous Rolls Royce Ad from one of the finest copywriters of all time David Ogilvy. This is the perfect example of a magnetic headline and what could it do for the company. As a matter of fact, it doubled the sales of Rolls Royce.

Now, writing a great headline doesn’t guarantee your success. Your content and offer still needs to satisfy the benefit conveyed in the headline.

But great body content with a bad or even marginal headline will not be read.

Headlines are present to increase audience engagement for quality content. It also helps in getting more shares and links.

Better the headline, better is the chances of people reading the copy. And thus, higher the chance of getting a sale.

State Benefits Over Features

One of the most important rules of writing a compelling copy is to stress benefits, not features.

In other words, persuade people by telling them the benefits of the product rather than telling them the feature.

Because that’s what will convince them to make a purchase.

Stating features will only work if you are selling to a business or highly technical people. Not to others.

You need to show the feature, but also explain WHY it helps them. Because sometimes it’s not so obvious to the customer.

We’re not as logical as we think we are. Most of our decisions are based on deep-rooted emotions, which we then justify with logical processes.

To persuade someone to buy your product, you need to create a desire for your product first. People must want your product.

This is done by telling them about the benefits of your product and telling them how your product will solve their problem.

Then satisfy them with features and hard data so that they are ready to give you their hard-earned money.

People don’t buy your product they buy the result that your product will help them achieve.

Stop Thinking About Your Project Completely

The strategy which I am about to tell you might surprise you at first but it certainly works.

You have prepared well for writing the copy. Gathered all the information about the product and the prospect.

You are all set to write your first draft.

But no, don’t do that. Don’t start writing about the product.


Stop thinking about the product. Stop thinking about how you are going to write the copy. Get your mind busy with something other than it.

Maybe get busy in some other project or do some fun activity.

Do anything. Just get your mind off the recent project.

Whether you realize it or not you are still working on that project.

Even if you have completely removed your thought from that project.

Your subconscious mind is actually processing all that you have learned and is trying to give it a shape.

Running all the copywriting information you have and implementing it to the copy.

It is basically preparing the first version of your copy.

This entire subconscious activity that you are doing is named as the incubation process by Joseph Sugarman.

According to him:

The incubation process is the power of your subconscious mind to use all your knowledge and experiences to solve a specific problem, and its efficiency is dictated by time, creative orientation, environment, and ego.

When you do this process then a time will come, when an idea will pop up in your mind about how you should write the copy and how should you present your product.

When this happens just start writing your first draft without thinking much.

Write down everything that comes to your mind. Pour out all your emotions and feelings.

Even if there is a deadline in front of you, then too you should follow this copywriting strategy. It will help you in organizing your thoughts and writing a better copy.

You have to also do it before publishing and the final editing. As it will help you in finding the mistakes, which you might won’t even notice otherwise.

Try this yourself and you will be surprised to see the results.

Write Without Thinking Much

This may sound simple but it’s one of the major components for writing an effective copy.

You should write your first draft without thinking much.

Don’t worry about grammar, sentence structure, or punctuation. Just keep writing. This will help you to overcome your writer’s block (if any).

Let all your ideas and thoughts flow into the screen.

The main idea is to get all your feelings and emotions about the subject out on the paper and then work from there.

One of the great copywriters Joseph Sugarman always used to say that if many people are given the same product to write about then his first draft would probably be the worst among all.

But what he does after that makes his copy more successful than other people.

Also, The key to writing faster is to rewrite.

Don’t try to write a perfect copy in the first attempt, its a lot easier to edit something that is written down on paper rather than writing one sentence and trying to fix it.

The easier the flow, the better you are at expressing the emotional feel of copy and the excitement that each word represents.

Edit To Excel

Write Without Fear Edit Without Mercy

It is the editing process that determines how your copy will perform. It organizes your emotional free-flowing thoughts and ideas and helps it to resonate with your prospect.

It is the difference between the copy that doesn’t impact your consumer to copy that moves them so strongly that they reach into their pockets and exchange money for your product or service.

It establishes the difference between you earning just a nominal salary or earning millions of dollars as a copywriter or business person.

Is there a secret to editing?

Once again, it is a mental process that’s almost similar to that of the writing itself.

It requires lots of practice and awareness.

Sometimes you might have to do ten drafts to finalize. At others, words might flow right out of your mind and it will hardly require any correction.

The better you get at writing, the less editing you have to do.

Although you will find it easier than writing the copy itself. In fact, it is a lot more fun.

Consider writing the first draft as giving birth. It may be a painful, long process or it can even go quite quickly with little pain.

Then compare the editing process as raising the child. You have to care and nurture the child to make him healthy and happy.

In the editing process, you may have to rearrange the words you have written to make the thought more direct. Or even cut out words that have little contribution to the overall feel of the copy.

The goal is to express your thoughts in the most powerful way but with the fewest words.

With fewer words, your copy will look less intimidating to the prospect and he or she will be more likely to read it.

And your copy will still have a full impact on them.

Read Your Copy Out Loud

When you read the copy out loud, then you will be able to identify words or phrases which do not go with the flow. You’ll notice which parts sound awkward.

If it doesn’t flow when you read it aloud, then it won’t flow for your reader either.

Maybe you’ll notice certain words which when replaced with simpler words, might enhance your copy.

This will make your copy easier to read and understand.

This will make you realize if what you have written is conversational or not.

As when you write conversationally, you end up conveying your message more swiftly. It’s has a greater impact on the readers.

You can even record your voice and listen to it afterward. This will help you to understand the flaw and write a better copy.

Get Random People To Read Your Copy

After you have finished writing the copy go to a nearby restaurant or coffee shop and talk to strangers. Share your copy with them and let them read it.

If they are in your target audience and they say that it has been written well and is a good copy. Then it means its not at all good. You have to improve a lot more.

But if they take out their wallet and say that they want to buy the product, then think that you have done a great job.

You have written the sales copy which will persuade people to take action.

Also, if you are asking someone who is not a part of your target audience, then ask them if something in your copy is confusing or unclear. They will be the perfect person to give you feedback and will help you to improve your copy.

You can’t communicate your message if you use a word or a phrase that some of your readers don’t understand and are confused about.

And when people are confused, they don’t buy. You will end up losing.


Let’s do a quick recap of the copywriting strategies.

Firstly to write a persuasive copy you must know about the product as well as your prospect. This will help you in understanding what the consumers want.

In order to make this task easier, you must talk to the existing customers and find out why they actually like the product.

The most important part of the copy is the heading as most people read that only. That’s why you should write a magnetic headline so that the readers are compelled to your copy.

You should also focus more on the benefits rather than just telling about the product.

After you have gathered all the information about your product and prospect, Incubate for a while to organize your thoughts.

The first draft should be as smooth and fast as possible which should be edited later to form an even more compelling copy to read and take action.

In addition to this after you have finished your copy, you must read it aloud and also let other people read your copy.

This will help you in finding the phrases or words which are not going with the flow and you can eliminate it.

So that’s it.

Keep these copywriting strategies in your mind and you will be able to write an awesome copy and get a lot of sales.

Do you have any other strategy that I didn’t mention? I would love to hear from you.

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